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Increasing Food & Beverage Sales: The Power of Food Pairing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Tampa Maid on Fri, Jan 24, 2020
Tampa Maid
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Food and beverage bundles may be the vehicle, but the pairing strategy is all about delivering a great experience. Here’s why:


Experience Matters

  • A positive experience encourages 60% of consumers to visit a restaurant more frequently. Source: Deloitte
  • Sixty-five percent of U.S. consumers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising. Source: PwC
  • Sixty-seven percent of customers will pay more for a great experience. Source: Salesforce
  • Seven out of 10 U.S. consumers say they have spent more money to do business with a company that delivers great service. Source: American Express

Sixty percent of customers say unfriendly service and 46% of customers say a staff’s lack of knowledge are experiences that would prompt them to take their business elsewhere. Source: PwC

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